Are you looking to convert your garage?

There are many reasons to convert your garage, whether it is simply adding an office, extra bedroom or even a livable space for an elderly relative with all necessary utilities. You can come to the experts at Morison Garage Conversion in Camberley for a complete and comprehensive service throughout Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire.

Do you need a quiet space away from the house to work? Having no luck finding a bigger property to move to within budget? We can help you, contact us today to find your solution.

•  Home office

•  Gym or workshop

•  Extra Bedroom or sitting room

•  Annex for guests

Morrison Garage Conversions can help with more than garage conversions, we can also help with converting any space in your home and even offer a full renovation and building service. Contact our professionals today to find out more.

Are you looking to convert your garage?

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